Debt Free Faster

Turbocharge your student loan repayment by becoming an ambassador. The more friends and family that use our zero the more we contribute to your loans each month.

Fun & Easy

No training manual required. Expand your circle, meet new people and kick back and watch your student loans disappear.

Help Your Friends

You to the rescue. Help your friends and family pay off their debt faster and more efficiently than ever before with zero.

Be a Hero… a Debt Free Hero

Help your friends pay off their loans while paying off yours even faster. Zero’s Ambassador program is the quickest way to pay off your student loans, period... Well, unless you have some serious luck on a roulette table.

We give you the tools to refer as many of your friends, family, acquaintances, soon-to-be boyfriends/girlfriends or strangers with student loans while zero handles the rest.

Not only will we make you look good in front of your friends, but we’ll also help you pay off your loans. The more people that signup through you, the more money we’ll contribute to your loans each month.

It's that simple.

Who We Work With

Zero works with the most deeply effected populations of student loan borrowers to help them and their peers free themselves from student debt. Be the hero in your circle and lift everyone out of student debt.

*Ambassadors must be a current zero user.
Current College Students
Professionals with Student Debt

Let's accomplish something
great together.

Custom solutions for your university.

Let's accomplish something
great together.

Custom solutions for your university.

Let's accomplish something
great together.

Custom solutions for your university.

For Your Students

Reduce your university's student debt footprint.

Educate and empower your student body.

Give your students the tools they need to graduate comfortably. We’ll empower your students through technology and on-campus education.

Reduce your student debt footprint

Put an end to the bad press. We'll help you rebrand your university as a pioneer in the affordable education movement.

Attract and retain the brightest students.

The cost of college is a major driving factor in which university student’s apply to and more importantly graduate from. Make the decision easy for them.

For Your Alumni

Stop asking. Start giving.

Free your alumni from student debt.

Financially healthy alumni are the best alumni. These alumni engage and give back to the unviersity at a much higher rate than debt burdened alumni do.

Stay connected with your alumni

We’ll help you stay engaged with your alumni as they progress through their professional careers and give you plenty of reasons to reach out.

For Your Donors

Facilitate giving & Expand your donor base.

Give donors the gift of giving.

Enable your donors to automatically give back on their own terms. Our set-it and forget-it platform drives incremental donations from your base to the initiatives you choose.

Grow your population of donors

Being a university donor has never been easier. Automating the donation process opens the doors for a new generation of givers to help your university fund initiatives.

For U.

Welcome to the forefront of higher education.

Custom solutions for your university

Zero provides a quick, frictionless solution to tackle the biggest threat against the traditional university model. We handle the entire process from student onboarding, education, and program execution; keeping your universities resources free to focus on other campus-wide initiatives.